Over 18,000 Assets ranked by Market Cap

As of today, the total value of all assets tracked by 8Marketcap is $127.953 T, up N/A today and down -2.50% over the last 7 days. [Read more]
Key marketcap metrics:
  • Gold marketcap $16.161 T up 0.36% today, up 1.97% (7 days).
  • Companies marketcap $99.447 T, down -3.41% (7 days).
  • US traded ETF marketcap $7.889 T down -2.21% (7 days).
  • Cryptocurrency marketcap $2.42 T up 0.02% today, up 2.76% (7 days).
Currently the world's most valuable asset is Gold with a market cap of $16.161 T. The world's most valuable company is Microsoft with a market cap of $2.965 T, and the world's most valuable cryptocurrency is Bitcoin with a market cap of $1.281 T. [Read less]